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    Steal his look: Sei

    Headstone: $2000

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    xiao wen ju + ming xi backstage for chanel f/w 2013

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    when all your internet friends are online at the same timeimage

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    its all fun to change ur url to something festive but SOME of us have Brands to maintain

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    October 1 – 19755 Notes
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    My all time favorite sign I’ve seen near my house

    i cant live like this


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  • I can't take you seriously if you're stupid enough to let these hateful anons get to you. If you can draw, then why do you care if people make ignorant accusations? No one who could really draw would care what other people think. They would just draw. You claim to love drawing so much so why make a show about being such a victim all the time? That more than any anon makes me second guess you. An anon telling you to kill yourself is a troll. Grow up. People genuinely like you.



    Wow-ow-ow thanks for being so understanding.

    "How DARE you let someone’s hurtful words effect you. You are an artist you are not supposed to have emotions you’re a joke"